How Popular will eb something like this.. ONLINE VS.NET IDE

We dont have to install the VS.NET but just to type a url and then code whatever we want get the output.

What do u feel

Re: Visual C# IDE Online Visual Studio.Net IDE

Gabriel Lozano-Moran

Because Visual Studio is so much more than a code editor I doubt that we will see an online version of Visual Studio in the near future. There is however a better way and that is to bring the online experience to the IDE, this is where Project "Tuscany" kicks in, people also call this Visual Studio "Live" but I don't like the Live moniker.

Re: Visual C# IDE Online Visual Studio.Net IDE

Peter Ritchie

Depends on your concent of "online". You can use Visual Studio "online" via the virtual labs:

I don't see the point of something like that for full-time Visual Studio development though.