there doesn't seem to be a "visual studio bugs" forums, this seems to be the closest.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 / Version 8.0.50727.762 (SP.050727-7600) / Microsoft .NET Framework
Version 2.0.50727 / Installed Edition: Professional

i have a single project application (~2k files) on a local drive, d:.

suddenly, when i try to rename a file i get a "Cannot rename 'filename'.No more internal identifiers available." (sic).

remembering the first rule of support, i've rebooted my machine but still no dice.

is there anything else i can do

Re: Visual C# IDE "No more internal identifiers available" on rename of file


The formal place to register bugs and suggestions with VS is the connect site (https://connect.microsoft.com/VisualStudio). There you can submit the issue and get feedback from MS on when and if it will be resolved. You can also attach files to replicate the problem for them.

I did a quick search and can't seem to find anyone having reported this issue. If I were MS I would be interested in a project that could replicate the issue easily. I'd also be interested in knowing if you have any add-ins that might be causing the problem or if the rename operation you are trying to do is impacting a lot of stuff. Right now I'm leaning towards the fact that your project is so large that VS is simply running out of space to do all the possible renames. You also might want to mention whether the error occurs before you review the changes or after. If before then VS is probably running out of room. If it is after it could be a problem with the code that tracks changes to files for undo and saving purposes.

Michael Taylor - 5/3/07


Re: Visual C# IDE "No more internal identifiers available" on rename of file


many thanks for the heads up, i'll address bugs there in future.

the rename is of the file only, not the class (Visual Studio stopped doing that automatically yonks ago), and it only happens now when all i'm doing is changing the case of the name.

i think i can live with that for now, although what other problems i may run into when the project is the planned twenty times the size i dread to think.