I have a windows app that uses the shockwave component to display a flash movie. I now want to make it into a dll. I don't need to see the movie, but I do need to access the flash swf to get some info out of it. Here is my code in my windows app.

axShockwaveFlash1.FlashCall += new _IShockwaveFlashEvents_FlashCallEventHandler(axShockwaveFlash1_FlashCall);

private void axShockwaveFlash1_FlashCall(object sender, AxShockwaveFlashObjects._IShockwaveFlashEvents_FlashCallEvent e)

So my C# app makes a call into the swf and the swf returns some info. Anyhow, in the dll I can no longer use "AxShockwaveFlashObjects". I have been trying to use "ShockwaveFlashObjects". But the problem is that it does not have a class called "_IShockwaveFlashEvents_FlashCallEvent ". Can any one shed some light on how I can do this in a dll