Hi everyone,

i apologize ahead if i am in the wrong thread for this.

I am willing to learn a language and, my choice is without a doubt C#. I went thru many threads with links to tutorials, i have borrowed books on it too. Maybe i am asking too much but none of them satisfied my needs. What i am looking for is something that would learn me the basics with alot of exercises. Also, lots of research in the help file. Lets say the subject is strings, well, i would love some exercise asking me to create a code doing some function, for me to get there, it would point me to the string help and look at the properties to find the one i need to do the task. Many tasks per subject is fine with me. The more you do, the better you will be. I could try to create some of my own but, by not knowing all the power and options , imagination is lacking !

This is a hobby for me, it is not for work or school (i am 36 and work as an electronic technician). I would love to be able to create ittle games or apps for my kids. I love having to search and bang my head to get it done.

That i use the most is "Microsoft C Sharp Programming For The Absolute Beginner 2002". I like it but, you dont need to look for anything, it is all given to you, even the code for the project at the end of the chapter is given. The only kinda challenge i get from it is that it ask me to create some apps but just by looking at the code of the project, you can build what you need.

Thanx for your help.

Re: Visual C# Language Cant find the kind of tutorial or book to learn C# i need.


Hi Mobidoy, I doubt there really is any one book that will give you everything you want. Instead of sticking to a particular book, i find that trying out some (actually most) of the problems people present in this forum pretty much gives me more than i could get from just reading a book cover to cover. When i find i cant figure them out on my own, THEN i go to MSDN or some other book i might have.

Why dont you try it, you might find you actually learn more (and faster) from this approach...

Re: Visual C# Language Cant find the kind of tutorial or book to learn C# i need.


Sad to see that those kind of book/tutorial are hard to find. ATM, the problems people present here are out of my knowledge, i will need to learn more to understand what they are doing or trying to do.

Just in case, is there someone that came across something close to what i am looking for

If not, anyone can post me little problems to help me learn like :

How would you do to compare a word with the one the user typed in, if it is not the right synthax, you have to show the good word and the bad word with the wrong letters in a different color (or background).

To achieve this, you should look at so and so procedure...

Oki oki, i know, nice try of my part lol !!

(Dont look at my english, it's not my native language lol !! )

Re: Visual C# Language Cant find the kind of tutorial or book to learn C# i need.

Figo Fei - MSFT

Hi, Mobidoy

Have you tried to watch some video tutorials, which seems more easy to understand and get start.

Also here is a kid corner: for C# learning.

Hope it helps.

And you're also welcome, when you go back with more specific questions about your little game implementation for you kids Smile