Robin from Marseille

Dear all,

I try to find some source code to manage Zmodem protocol in C sharp... Do you know where I can find such source code

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Re: Visual C# General Zmodem and C#


Do a search in your favorite search engine for C# and Zmodem. Find a library you like and deal with its idiosyncrasies. This is not a C# or .Net related question but a third party library interface which is handled by the people who publish the software. Good luck.

Re: Visual C# General Zmodem and C#

Martin Xie - MSFT

The HyperTerminal Zmodem File Transfer protocol provides a simple means of point-to-point serial file transfer.

This protocol uses the following packets.

Packet Description
ZRQINIT Initialization Request Packet Server initialization request.
ZRINIT Initialization Response Packet Client initialization response.
ZFILE File Attribute Packet Server packet informing the client of file attributes, including the file name.
ZRPOS File Start Position Packet Client packet defining the position in the data file at which the transfer should begin.
ZDATA File Data Packet Server packet containing 1024 bytes of file data.
ZEOF End of File Packet Server packet marking the end of transmission for this file.
ZFIN End of Session Packet Server packet marking the end of the HyperTerminal Zmodem File Transfer session.

Also see The ZMODEM Inter Application File Transfer Protocol for reference.