I keep getting problems when editing forms that were converted from 2003 to 2005. Here is the error message.

Error 2 Unable to create a manifest resource name for "Torquedisplay.resx". Could not find file 'C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\upgrade\TEDS Upgrade\2005 -New GUI V2 - without cel selection\TORQUE_CALIB\Software\Builds\TorqueDisplay\Torquedisplay.cs'. TorqueDisplay

Any ideas how to fix this I tried deleting the resx file then rebuilding, but that doesn't work.

Re: Visual C# IDE Resx update to 2005 from 2003 problem


Did you have file Torquedisplay.cs or not.
To be sure that class will be generated for some resource file go to solution explorer and right click the resx file and click Properties. There, check the "Custom Tool" property. If it's empy then fill it with "ResXFileCodeGenerator" value. Then again right click the resx file and click "Run Custom Tool" to recreate the resource class.