manjunath cv

Hi guys i have developed a c# project now i have to make it an Exe so that i can install it on any system and run it...

the bin which contains the exe only runs in the system which has .net installed and does not executes where there is no .net....

as this is my first project can any one tell me how to make my application an exe file so tat it can be installed and executed on any system..


Re: Visual C# General To Make My C# Project an exe

Mark Dawson


in order for your aplication to run the system on which you wish to execute the prorgram must have the correct version of the .Net runtime installed. You can create an installer package for you exe which will also install the .Net framework, something like Wise installer program will be able to do that for you, maybe even the default setup project in Visual Studio might have an option but I have never done that myself.


Re: Visual C# General To Make My C# Project an exe

Figo Fei - MSFT


The exe file is located in your project directory in the bin\debug folder after compiled successfully. This is your application you have made.

Now in order to run it on someone else's computer they must have the correct version of the .NET Framework so it can run, otherwise it won't run.

And you should check the .net framework deployment guide: --.NET 2.0 --.NET 1.0

and ClickOnce deployment:

If you do have further problem pls feel free to let me know. Thank you