I need more detailed information on the differences between Visual Studio 2005 Standard and Professional editions. I've got the VS2005 Pro Trial but unfortunately there's no VS2005 Standard trial available.
I found some info at
http://forums.microsoft.com/MSDN/ShowPost.aspx PostID=93695&SiteID=1&PageID=0

Gathering it altogether, I found out the following differences (please correct me if any of these points is wrong):
* The Standard edition can use add-ins but can't be used to create them. The Professional can do both. Every add-in that works with the Professional edition works with the Standard edition.( )
* The Standard edition has a simplified defeault UI configuration but it's only the matter of adjusting it to your needs.
* The Standard edition supports ClickOnce. The Prodessional edition additionally supports the Visual Studio Deployment Projects (msi installers).
* The Standard edition has a simplified Database Explorer and it doesn't have the Server Explorer.
* The Professional edition supports remote debugging.
* The Professional edition includes SQL Server 2005 Developer Edition and Crystal Reports.

Have I missed anything

I'm also having some doubts about the XML support (which is essential for me). In the comparison table the Professional version has "Full XML/XSLT" support while the Standard version has "XML Only" support. In one of the posts it was said that the Professional edition includes designers for XSD/XSLT. Is it right and is it the only difference And what about the XML debugging Does it refer to validating an XML file against XSD or is it about something else And to what extent does the XML debugging differ between the VS editions

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You should consider buying professional if you intend to write commercial code. The benefits outway the cost ($400 difference).

The big differences in my mind are:

  • XSLT support and debugging if you are doing a lot of XSLT work
  • SQL Server 2005 integration support
  • SQL Server 2005 Developer edition (has all features of Enterprise)
  • Full UI rather than stripped down version
  • Database project support
  • Image library

Of course if you don't ever intend to do DB work then most of the features of professional will be lost.

Michael Taylor - 1/17/07

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What do you exactly mean "Full UI rather than stripped down version "

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Sorry for the delay. Rather than guessing I hunted down a copy of Standard so I could compare it to the higher end versions. I'm comparing it against VS Team Suite but TS doesn't add much over Professional in the area of UI.

On the UI side I really don't see any differences beyond what projects and tools are available in the other products. For example unless you're running Team Edition you won't have the performance or code analysis tools. Database support is in the standard edition but you can't create database projects from what I can tell. XML files themselves are supported along with the various views but debugging and whatnot might not work. Macros, snippets, addins, etc are all there as well.

Therefore I'd say the biggest factor is whether you want DB and XML support along with code analysis, testing and/or performance tools. If so then you might want to consider moving up to a "higher" version. Otherwise standard might be good for you. From what I vaguely remember (and I could be completely wrong) Standard is designed for the programmer who lies between a hobbyist (Express) and a professional programmer (Professional). Perhaps a student, part-time programmer or someone who just wants to create their own dynamic web site.

Michael Taylor - 1/22/07