How can I load a project that combines both langauges (C++ and C#) in Visuall 2008. I have download visual 2008 beta but it has seperate workspace for C++ and C#.

Is it possible to send a sample that illustrate how to pass parameters (class, structures) between C# and C++ (and vice versa), on visual 2008 or Visual 2003.

Re: Visual C# General Visuall 2008 C# and C++

Chunsheng Tang - MSFT

Hi, dafna

I don't know the Visual Studio 2008 has built-in support for multiple languages in a single project. However nothing can prevent you from achieving this in the command line. There is a sample in .NET Framework SDK 1.1 which is by default located at:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft.NET\SDK\v1.1\Samples\Technologies\CrossDevLanguage

For cross-language interop please refer to this:


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Chunsheng Tang