Hello! I am a beginner in Visual C# 2005. Yesterday I wrote my first simple code, "hello C#" and clicked "build solution", then I saw "build succedded" in the status bar.

But when I clicked the "Start debugging" icon in tool bar. I saw a "Incorrect binding handle" error message box. Next I tried to test "Start without debugging" function. It was OK.

I don't know why I can't run debugging function in Visual Studio.

Now, I am using the default setting in Visual Studio 2005. How can I solve my problem

Re: Visual C# General I can't run "Start Debugging".


Is it possible that you edited some code between when you built the solution and when you debugged it

If so, try again without editing.

***NOTE*** You can just push 'Start Debugging' icon, you don't need to build it first.

If the problem still persists, you should try reinstalling/repairing VS2005. It probably made an error in the first installation.

Good luck.

Hope this helps