Earl Newcomer

My intellisense will appear for a second and then disappear. It does not give me time to scroll or select anything.

This behavior is not consistent. Is there a timing or environment setting for intellisense How does it determine how long it stays visible


Re: Visual C# IDE Problems with Intellisense popup behavior

Suma Sushilendra MSFT

Hi Earl,

There is no timing setting as to how long an intellisense should be up. Hitting ESC or typing a commit character will dismiss the list and commit the preselected item if any. To know what those commit characters are, go to Tools | options | text editor | C# | intellisense and there is an edit box with the default list of commit characters that you can then modify if you like.

I have never heard anything like this. Do you have any thing else on your machine that is running at the time of VS and grabbing the focus Losing the focus will make the intellisense go away too.

Does it happen every time you are using VS in every project

Is it possible to attach a video of this issue

Let me know,


Suma Sushilendra [MSFT]

Re: Visual C# IDE Problems with Intellisense popup behavior

Earl Newcomer

Hi Suma,

I'm don't think anything else is running that would be grabbing focus. What type of application would do that

This condition seems to happen for each Visual C# Web application that I create. I used Webex to record an example in a new project. Each time the intellisense goes away it is on its own. I am not pressing any keys.

How do I attach the Webex recording