Anonymous Delegaates

im an absalute begginer

i have no knoweledge of programming languages

i want to become a c# developer

what should i do

where should i start

any free resources other than ABS video series

i kind of dont like that

SOmeone help a fellow developer

Remember C# from the scratch

no initial knoweledge

Re: Visual C# General learning c# from nowhere


You may want to buy some certification books. The C# MCAD books from Que Publishing have very good step by step examples in every chapter. This will help you learn the basics. I would definitely start with books that way you can learn at your own pace. There are also classes you could take at a community college to learn a programming language such as C#. Taking a class would give you the opportunity to ask a professor questions if you did not understand something. I went the book route and acquired my MCSD certification in the process.

Good Luck


Re: Visual C# General learning c# from nowhere


you could try this C# School a free pdf book ( over 300 pages) looking at programming in C# it is mainly concerned with version 1.1 of the frame work but is still a great place to get the basics of the language.

Hope this helps!!

Re: Visual C# General learning c# from nowhere

Martin Xie - MSFT


The following are good places to start.

Good and Free Tutorials for C#
The C# Language provides a quick tour of the C# language.

For more in-depth information, see these MSDN tutorials.