Robert F.

Stupid question time. I'm totally new to C# and .NET and I just want to create a .EXE file that does the following. First, there won't be any user interaction. I just need for the executable to FTP a file, parse it, and send an email based on what it finds. I'll also want to schedule the file to be executed with the atrun command. I can figure out how to perform each of those functions but how does one create such a file in VisualStudio Do I just create a Visual C# Windows Application project, and will that generate the .EXE file

Thanks very much.

Re: Visual C# General Creating .EXE?

Mark Dawson


in visual studio you can create 2 main kind of applications Windows Applications or Console Application. Sounds like you need a minimal UI, if at all so you can create a Console Application. That will generate an EXE and will display if you want a window like a command prompt. All you need to do in Visual Studio after you create the project is compile the project and it will generate an EXE for you.