We have an windows application that includes some .dll files. These .dll files have dynamic web references included in them. When I run the application from it's install folder, the web references work okay fine (they are read from the "application.exe.config" file. But when running the application from within Visual Studio .Net, we have to change the value of the web reference with the project in order for it to work (ie. it does not read the app.config or web.config files, uses the value in the web reference).

I have used the same "application.exe.config" file in the bin directory of the project, does not seem to read from it. I have changed all the app.config and web.config files in the project directories....still no good. Only seems to use the properties value in the web reference in each project (which are the source for the .dll files).

While it is fine that it works at run time, not working running via Visual Studio requires that we change the web refences in the projects if we want to change the values...rather than just changing a config file value.

Any help would be appreciated.